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witty_nic's Journal

16 October
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Well my name's Nic, but im hoping thats obvious by now. Im 18, live in North West London, and attend Hendon School 6th form, which is a barrel of larfs. I live at home with my parents (for now....roll on University!)
My 3 best friends are a hardcore anarchist Punk, a rather posh middle-class Jew, and a ghettoslang speaking Rudeboy, which makes for some pretty interesting conversations! I dont really fit into any specific category, but i hang with the "alternative" crowd, if you know what i mean.
Im into Punk Rock, Emo, some Rap (Jurrasic 5, Jay-z) and alot of other stuff along the way. Im very opinionated, but thats ok, because im always right, so my opinions arent actually opinions after all, they are facts :D
I also like to think im pretty funny, and if you dont find something i say funny its not because its not funny, its because you dont get it :P

Im pretty laid back, and can tolerate most opinions/interests, except conservatives, facists or racists, all of whom can burn in hell for all i care. So if you none of those things, hi!

In my spare time i like to read, play basketball (if it isnt wet and cold outside) play my bass guitar, or generally find some way to avoid doing homework.

So yeah, thats me.